Devlog #1

Well it’s not really #1, since this is week #14 of development, but this is where the game’s at:


It’s buggy but it works! You can now set a course in autopilot mode by clicking on the local map, and your ship will attempt to follow it. Some line rendering issues need fixing up (Unity’s world-space UI still isn’t the most stable thing) but it makes it a lot easier to navigate around sectors without getting completely lost.

Since your ship can now fly itself, I’ve started adding some things players can occupy themselves with while they travel.

Cargo tetris

Cargo takes up limited physical space in your loading bay, which means the organisationally-oriented amongst you can rejoice! Stack em neatly, fit more in, yield greater profits. Success!


That’s right – the classic game of balls and rings comes to space. Shoot some hoops and try not to get so distracted you drift into an asteroid field. Turn off the gravity for extra-satisfying slam dunks.

Next build

Progress has come along very fast this month, so we’re on schedule for an update this weekend (as in the last weekend of July). Keep an eye on the discord (whichever one of the two you’re in) for the demo link when it goes up.

Good journeys,

Nige x